The exclusive members only studio is located at 1910 E 7th Ave Tampa 33605 

DRIP YBOR CITY  is dedicated to equity, kindness, and shared creativity in our community. Membership costs contribute to the financial vehicle that allows us to support our staff, offer extensive ceramic resources for members and students, expand our studio outreach programs, and continue the DRIP YBOR mission. The ultimate goal is greater equity in the arts and creating space where it has historically been denied. 

All memberships are first come basis. 

Membership requires a minimum commitment of 3 months.

What you get at the studio:

    • Your own, private shelf (approximately 5-6 ft. wide, 18” deep, 14” high)
    • Unlimited open studio time 24/7 days a week at no extra cost
    • Cone 06 and cone 6 electric firings 
    • Specialty firings including luster and decal
    • Firings are 4 cents/cubic inch
    • 2-4 clay bodies
    • 10-20 glazes 
    • Slips, terra sig, washes, oxides, etc. 
    • A full-service and full-staffed studio from 3-9 pm 
    • Access to the studio’s equipment, including: shimpo wheels, handbuilding tables, slab roller, extruder, plaster molds, bats (diamond core sanding bats), chucks, and more.
    • Discounted classes with studio membership 


Studio Membership $165 ( NEW INTRO PRICE LIMITED TIME ONLY) : a below market discounted rate to reduce financial barriers for marginalized/under-represented folks in our community (application process required and availability depends on how many community members come in at the generating stream)


Membership Lite:

Studio Membership Lite $150 : This is a way to be a member at the studio but work mostly at home. Membership includes: 50 lbs of clay a month, (your choice), the ability to schedule glaze time at our studio, and a firing fee rate of 3 cents per cubic inch. Membership lite is $150/month plus tax and requires a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Wheel at home membership:

This membership entitles you to the following: 1 Shimpo VL whisper wheel that you can use at home, unlimited access to clay, membership firing fee rate of 4 cents per cubic inch, ability to schedule and use glaze room.  This membership is $295/month plus tax and requires a minimum of 3 months commitment. 


Call for more information ! 813-407-1294