Firing Services

If you are a current or subletting member, or have been a student at DRIP, the rate for firing is 5 cents per cubic inch per firing. Otherwise, if you are a non-member and non-student, the rate for firing is 7 cents per cubic inch per firing.

Firing Temperatures & Materials
We are firing all bisque work to cone 06 and glaze work to cone 6. All of our studio clays sold in our shop are fired to these temperatures and pre-approved for firing. If you would like to fire materials not purchased at DRIP YBOR, we must approve the firing of those materials before you submit the work for firing. We cannot, however, guarantee glaze fit with outside materials as we have not been able to test these materials with our studio glazes and firing schedule. To obtain approval for firing of outside materials, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

We are now doing both bisque and glaze firing. If you would like to use our glazes, please refer to the glazing page.

STEP ONE: Call to create an account and submit work from Home

Your card will be charged for all work submitted each week at midnight on Monday morning (late Sunday night) after your order has been placed. You can always look at your order history by logging into DRIP

Please measure and submit your work for firing via DRIP - this MUST be done before you drop off your work. NOTE: Please make sure that the work can be seen clearly in the photo in case we need to identify the work later on. If you’d like to learn more about our firing system, you can watch an instructional video on the videos tab below.

SIGN THE BOTTOM OF YOUR WORK. Because we must be able to easily identify your work, all work must be signed. If necessary, you can use an underglaze pencil at drop-off to sign your work.

STEP TWO: Drop-Off Work

Only once you have submitted your work for firing at DRIP, please drop off your work.

STEP THREE: Drop Off the Work

When you arrive, unpack your work at the front desk and make sure to take all packing materials with you. Match your work with your firing slip. You must obtain check-in approval from a DRIP staff member before leaving.

STEP FOUR: Pick Up the Work

Most work is completed in 7-10 days; if you want to be very safe, please come 2 weeks after your work was dropped off to pick it up or schedule a glazing appointment. We are no longer notifying people when their work is ready—please just come and check the outside firing bisque pickup area for bisque work and the general glaze pickup area for glaze work.

You can either pick up your work during our open hours daily 12pm-9pm, or schedule a time to glaze at DRIP

NOTE: We will keep work for 3 months after it comes out of the kiln, but please try to pick up your work ASAP once it is ready so that we can continue to process work efficiently.

Questions? Please email DRIP.YBOR@GMAIL.COM

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